Brazosport College's strategic plan, Vision 2025, is reviewed and revised each year to reflect 1) progress on goals and 2) emerging priorities. 

This survey enables participation in the Vision 2025 strategic planning process. By this survey, Brazosport College invites your recommendations, which will be considered for inclusion in the strategic plan.

Thank you in advance for sharing insights, experiences gained, and providing thoughtful input to the process of strategic planning. The deadline for submission is 01/05/2021 at 11AM.

For reference purposes, access Brazosport College’s strategic plan, VISION 2025, via the below link: (Right-click, Open link in new window)

1Following is a sample Recommendation. Spaces are provided within this survey to enter your recommendation. Listed below are the data elements necessary to the process:
      (1) Recommendation;  
      (2) Connection to Vision 2025; and, 
      (3) Budget Impact.

2This survey may be completed multiple times to accommodate multiple recommendations.





2.5Select the category that best describes your association with Brazosport College.






Thank you for submitting your strategic plan recommendation! All recommendations will be reviewed at the annual Planning and Institutional Effectiveness Council meeting.